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Assistive Writing Solutions, Inc. was founded by two teachers, one (Bobbie) an elementary LD teacher with 30 years’ experience and the other (Chuck) a middle school teacher with over 35 years’ experience.

The idea for Just The Write Size™ Structured Writing Paper evolved out of watching students (especially, but not limited to, learning disabled students) struggle at the very beginning of each assignment - not knowing where to put their names, the date, and the name of the assignment. They met with confusion and frustration before even beginning to write. Then, once they had started to write, they couldn’t read their own writing because the structure of regular notebook paper caused their letters to run together, letters with descenders to hang into the line below and interfere with the words there, and so on. You’ve seen it too. Most of these students had been successful with formal handwriting instruction, but had difficulty applying those skills when faced with regular notebook paper. All this and they hadn’t even yet decided what they wanted to say, let alone how to spell it. Our conclusion was that if we could eliminate some of the initial uncertainty over where to write things, the students would have more energy to spend on composing what they wanted to say.

So we turned to some of the commercially available writing paper; the kind that is printed in landscape orientation on newsprint, with the dotted line showing the halfway point for letters with humps and tall parts. It was highly unsatisfactory on a number of fronts. The first time it was erased it had a hole in it. There was still no indication of where to put name, date, and the name of the assignment. It had to lay sideways on the desk instead of the normal way. The real killer, though, was that it was perceived as “baby paper” by all but the very youngest students and BOY did they resist using it for regular assignments!

After several fruitless years of searching the teacher’s stores and the Internet, we finally decided that what we really wanted just was not out there, and we set about designing paper that would meet our own needs. No sooner had we begun using it in our own classrooms than other teachers began asking where we got “that wonderful paper!”

Just The Write Size™ Structured Writing Paper was born!

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Carol H
Date: Nov 25, 2017

Thank you - your products are continually helping our son.

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