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Writing Examples

"This paper really works!"

We hear this comment all the time from parents and teachers who use our paper.girl-writing

In our field testing, students consistently responded well to the structure of the Just The Write Size Structured Writing Paper system. Having six different line sizes provides enough choices for all students no matter how large or small their normal handwriting. The different styles of paper (shaded, middle line or no middle line) are beneficial, especially if a student is confused about making tall letters tall and short letters short. Many students struggle on regular notebook paper because they become confused when letters with tails run into the tops of the letters on the line below and having the space between sets of lines eliminates this uncertainty. Also, students are sometimes unaware of the left and right margins, so the bold margin lines on the JTWS Structured Writing System paper provide that structure for them. The heading with labeled spaces for name, date, subject, teacher and assignment eliminates any confusion about where the student should place those items, which are required by all teachers.

Check each of the links below to see examples of what students are capable of doing when they have paper with an appropriate structure.

Review work from students

  • Student A is a 13 year-old who had great difficulty regulating his writing on regular notebook paper. Read more...
  • Student B is a 12 year-old who had difficulty with legibility and the ability to place his words into the space available. Read more...
  • Student D is an 11 year-old whose writing on notebook paper was legible, but spacing between words and use of the margins was a challenge, both for him and for the reader. Read more...
  • Student E is a 10 year-old student who had legible writing, but had inconsistent spacing between words and failed to have letters with tails descend below the line. Read more...
  • Student F is a 13 year-old who naturally writes small, but who had difficulty understanding the placement of letters. Read more...
  • Student G is an 8 year-old student who still exhibits many reversals and inversions in his writing. Read more...

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